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My Encounter With A Medium

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

When I was on book tour in 2009, Ryan Ray invited me to be a guest on his TV show Wake Up!, about people who have awakened to embrace their best life. I, however, seem to be in a constant flux of waking up one day, and falling asleep the next. Halfway through the episode, we were joined by a medium. I was casually picking up my coffee mug and waxing eloquently about how the coconut in Indian culture is symbolic of the human ego and thus why we break it open at the altar of the gods, and next thing I know Ryan was asking me if I had any questions to ask this psychic. Is she the real deal? I sat there aware of the camera, internally debating this question, wishing I could break open my own coconutty ego. Meanwhile, the medium, perhaps sensing my discomfort, went on to regale me with flashes from my future. “Your book will be a movie.” Well, that sounded great. Big smile. “You’re writing a trilogy.” I continued to smile but inside I thought, no way. Years later, however, I decided I was perhaps writing a metaphoric trilogy. My first book, Haunting Bombay, was my water book: an infant who drowns while being bathed, a cursed fisher girl who’s cast out of her community at the onset of her menstruation, a ghost that haunts a bathroom and wreaks havoc when the monsoons break over the city… My second book became my fire book, all heat and passion, but then somewhere along the way, I realized I was indeed carrying a trilogy in my head. My first book isn’t part of it; it’s something entirely new. So there you have it. Now all I have to do is wait for that movie deal.