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The African Elephant Healer

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

In 2009, the year my first book came out, I developed serious migraines. Most people would pick up the phone and call their doctor. Well, I ended up enlisting the help of an African elephant healer. From what I could glean, she healed elephants that suffered from de-tusking. I thought her life mission both fascinating and noble, and wanted to learn more, but she charged by the hour, and my head needed some good juju. She walked into my house and looked right past me as if there were someone standing right behind me. “Oh,” she said, “there are a group of men who want to stop you from writing.” I looked around me, up, down, side to side. There was my piano, my couch, my amaryllis flower in a pot, but no strange men. Also, she didn’t know I was a writer. Then she began to make wide slicing motions near my skull. “They’re connected into your head via an energetic tube, and they’re threatened by what you write.” I imagined a group of crotchety old men floating about in the ether, enraged that I was writing about how badly they and their kind behaved while they were alive, oppressing women and the powerless and all that. Really, I thought, they’re dead and gone, and still? Anyway, I wasn’t sure how much to believe. In the end, she severed the energetic tube and sent those spirits on their way (at least that’s what she told me while I wrote out her check). I felt better, but I called my doctor just in case.