Groundbreaking Film “Margarita, With A Straw”

It was so amazing to see so many friends last night at the closing night of the Asian Pacific Film Festival in mass support of Shonali Bose and her incredible film “Margarita, With A Straw,” exploring the taboo subject of sexuality of a disabled person. Knowing Shonali’s five year journey of struggle and pain that led to the making of this film made it all the more astounding. For me, hearing Shonali talk about the film afterwards was so moving. She had so much poise and clarity in her vision, and she spoke about scenes that broke her open, and what it meant to be a female director to openly weep on the set in front of her entire cast and crew. Did this mean that she would lose respect as a filmmaker? No, because she took that pain, the loss of her eldest son, and that intense suffering, and brought it bear upon those scenes with a razor-sharp focus and tenderness. Gorgeous, gorgeous filmmaking. Shonali, thank you.

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